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(PDF) Learn Tajweed: Simplify Your Quran Journey

Al-Imaam Muhammad Ibn Jazarī benefitted us from his book (the Muqaddimah) that learning the Tajweed is necessary because reciting the book of Allāh without proper knowledge and application of rulings of Tajweed is considered sinful. Hence, this “LEARN TAJWEED; SIMPLIFY YOUR QUR”AN JOURNEY by Omobolaji Naeemah Fashina ” is a detailed book that is well-researched from the book of people of the science of the Qur’an and its rulings, and it is written to make the journey of a student of knowledge as simple as it could be. This book teaches with details about the most important aspects of the Tajweed such as the rulings of An-Nūn As-Saakinah and the Tanween, rulings around points of articulation of letters (major areas of makhārij), Nasalisation, and some other major areas of aspects of Tajweed which whoever wants to read in line with narration should learn. That’s why this book is very important for students of knowledge. Another uniqueness of this book is the simple diction that was employed by the author in its preparation so that all type of students can lay their hands on it and master with the science of Tajweed.

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