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10 Tips to Grow Your Business and Make Stable Income Online

Here is a list of what you should not and what you should get started with if you want to promote your business online and make stable money

1. Don’t start your business promotion with social media (sponsored YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc) ads. If you do, you will ruin your money.

Instead, reach out to influencers that have natural/organic followers that resonate with your target audience. Pay them a token, get back the value in a short period of time. Don’t meet them once, meet them occasionally to showcase your business to their organic audience. This is the best way to get started as a business owner seeking meaningful visibility and proper online awareness for products, services and brands.

2. Don’t keep silent online if you want to have a meaningful visibility online. It’s a bad practice to think you can make money online when you are not known. Yourself too, you cannot entrust your money with a stranger or someone you do not know.

Instead, so up regularly. Make posts that show your experience and expertise in the niche you chose. If you write quality contents, having noticed your expertise in what you do, people will have the trust and reliability in your brand when you need to sells to them.

3. Don’t engage in controversial issues. It is not a good sign of successful people to always be found when controversial issues are raised, it is not a good way to build good business personality either. That’s a bad way to start with.

Instead, start what you know well and make sure it is a verifiable information. It helps individuals and brands to grow very quick.

4. Don’t steal from your professional colleagues. It gives bad impression to your expertise. A lot of professionals involve in this filthy and damaging character.

Instead, learn to spy professionally. Study their weaknesses and strengths, know what they are doing well and what they are doing wrong then outsmart them. It is an ethical competition instead of stealing.

5. Don’t forget to leverage on referrals. If you sell service or products, growth is easy if you are an expert. You only need to be trustworthy. Give it all to any service or product you want to sell so that you can impress your customers. If you impress and satisfy one customer, it is better than working for a hundred customers without satisfaction. Satisfaction is a power that drives sales and a good reputation. One satisfied customer gives hundreds of customers in referral.

6. Don’t be stingy when your expertise is required. Opportunity to grow spreads it wings for so many people but because they don’t understand the power of information so they hide it.

Instead, learn to give out what you know some sometimes for free, when necessary. There is this thing we don’t know about people’s posts on social media, when a thread that requires contribution is opened, the more valuable information you provide the more connections you build for yourself if you are smart. Learn to make valuable comments and contributions when you have such opportunities under people’s post. Especially if they are reputable people in your corner or social media.

7. Don’t ignore your audience comments under your posts. It discourages them against next time and you need their engagement to thrive.

Instead, if you are a busy person like myself, try and have a positive time management, have time that you dedicate to your wall where you go through your post comments and reply to them. Some times sales are made by attending to comments and you never knew when you would have important comments that you would blame yourself you ignored. So, learn to show up under your post and respond to valued comments regularly or occasionally.

8. Don’t abandon your inbox. No one knows when important messages will come in.

Instead, just as I mentioned in number 7 on this list, learn to show up. Check your inbox as a matter of necessity, just regularly. Yes, emphasis this point.

9. Be humbled and be trustworthy in your dealings with people when you face problems in your delivery people of dignity will find excuses for you no matter what the situation could be because you are not known without lie. My brother, problem is sacrosanct, you cannot be 100% free of problems.

10. Finally, if you have done all of the above and results start coming, invest in paid aggressive marketing that ROI (return on investment) is guaranteed through experts. Avoid doing things yourself especially things that are not your field. There is power in outsourcing. A marker once said “the business of a business man is to make sales”.

Now go back to number 1 and start implementation because power of knowledge lies in application.

I wish the best for your brand.

With love 💕 from Yūnus Olukodo CEO Syo Technol Ltd .

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